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Title 8/8 IRCN Seminar No.1 Learning to IMAGINE the Action Consequences in Robotic Manipulation No.2 Title: TBA
Description Venue: IRCN Seminar Room (1302, 13F Faculty of Medicine Research Experimental Building)


Speaker: Prof. Emre Ugur, Bogazici University (http://colors.cmpe.boun.edu.tr/doku.php)

Abstract: Predicting the consequences of one’s own actions is an important requirement for safe human- robot collaboration and their application to personal robotics. Neurophysiological and behavioral data suggest that human brain benefits from internal forward models that continuously predict the outcomes of the generated motor commands for trajectory planning, movement control, and multi-step planning. First, I will present our recent extension of propagation networks that enable the robot to predict the effects of its actions in scenes containing articulated multi-part multi- objects. Belief Regulated Dual Propagation Networks (BRDPN) consists of two complementary components, a physics predictor and a belief regulator. While the former predicts the future states of the object(s) manipulated by the robot, the latter constantly corrects the robot’s knowledge regarding the objects and their relations. Next, I will talk on our recent learning from demonstration framework that is based on Conditioned Neural Processes. CNMPs extract the prior knowledge directly from the training data by sampling observations from it, and uses it to predict a conditional distribution over any other target points. CNMPs specifically learns complex temporal multi-modal sensorimotor relations in connection with external parameters and goals; produces movement trajectories in joint or task space; and executes these trajectories through a high-level feedback control loop. Conditioned with an external goal that is encoded in the sensorimotor space of the robot, predicted sensorimotor trajectory that is expected to be observed during the successful execution of the task is generated by the CNMP, and the corresponding motor commands are executed.


Speaker: Prof. Erhan Oztop, Ozyegin University (http://robotics.ozyegin.edu.tr/members/erhan-oztop/)

Abstract: TBA
Event Date 2019/08/08 15:00 ~ 17:00
Capacity 70
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