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Title 4/24 IRCN Seminar - Dr.Lorenzo Jamone
Description “Biological inspiration and data driven learning for a future generation of intelligent robots” The robots of today are mainly employed in heavy manufacturing industries (e.g. automotive): these are big robotic manipulators which perform simple and repetitive tasks in very structured environments, with high speed and accuracy, in areas of the factory where humans have no access for safety reasons. The robots of the future will be different. They will perform more complex tasks in more complex unstructured environments, even in collaboration with humans. They will be more intelligent machines. How will this be achieved? Explicit insights from biology, advanced machine learning and AI techniques, well established control and engineering principles, have to be combined and properly integrated. In the talk I will report the main outcomes of the research I conducted during the past 12 years: humanoid robots that are able to learn representations of their own bodies and of the external environment through interactive exploration, and that can eventually display robust problem solving capabilities in unstructured settings.
Event Date 2019/04/24 16:00 ~ 17:00
Capacity 50
Event Status Confirmed
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