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Title 10/12 IRCN Seminar- Dr. Nakatani
Description Possible involvement of cerebellum in expertise in a cognitive domain: The cerebellum is well known to contribute to skilled motor control. During a motor learning, the cerebellum acquires an internal model that is a neural representation of dynamics in body parts and external world. The internal model in the cerebellum makes it possible to control learned movements quickly and precisely without any reference to feedback of sensory information. I hypothesize that the same principal is applicable to expertise in non-motor, cognitive function. As expertise in cognitive domain largely depends on the structured knowledge for cognitive processing, the cerebellum might acquire an internal model about the structured knowledge and it contributes to expertise in a cognitive domain. I have tested this hypothesis with a board game named shogi (Japanese chess.)
Event Date 2018/10/12 10:00 ~ 11:00
Capacity 50
Event Status Confirmed
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