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Title IRCN Seminar -Dr. Zsolt Lenkei, INSERM U894 Research Director
Description Title: "Cannabinoid-induced actomyosin contraction shapes neuronal structure and connectivity at multiple spatiotemporal scales" Abstract: We have recently shown rapid cannabinoid-induced remodeling of the neuronal actomyosin cytoskeleton with potentially important roles in developmental brain wiring. Our recent results indicate a role for cannabinoid-induced actomyosin contraction also in synaptic plasticity. We investigate this interaction between structure and connectivity from the nanoscale to the whole-brain level. Completing our in vitro and ex vivo tools, we participate in the interdisciplinary development of a new in vivo imaging modality, functional fast brain ultrasound (fUS), which now offers fMRI-like functional imaging, both in anaesthetised and awake animals, with spatio-temporal resolution gains of several orders of magnitude as compared to fMRI.
Event Date 2018/09/21 10:00 ~ 11:00
Capacity 70
Event Status Confirmed
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